Having Fun With Wordpress

I’ve to put back all the old articles into the wordpress blog, so bad there isn’t any tools that can automaticaly convert some blogger posts into wordpress posts.

Also i still don’t know how i will re-design that blog and how the sitemap works. I think i’ll work on that this afternoon,

On Irka Web Promotions i’ve deleted the free directories list and niche directories list. Instead i invite you people in reading and visiting the list of Vilesilencer, the directories listed are free and 100% SEO Friendly, it is maintained by Dan and Seocompany.ca uses the list informations for their free directories list too.

Also i changed the irka web promotions directory url. Before i used the word partners, and Matt Cutts warned webmasters to avoid such terms, in conclusion i got PR2 for my ‘partners’ page and it was PR5 in the past. So i want to see if MC is right,

Anyway enjoy reading the blog!

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