Zeal Shut Down, What’s Next

Everybody knows that tomorow the zeal web directory will shut down for good. So what are the alternatives for editors of the “old” looksmart’s free web directory inclusions? It seems that some of the editors that worked for Zeal have 3 alternatives:
- First alternative is that they open a web directory with all the knowledge they know such as nesters who wrote that message on the “Zeal is dead” thread:

I might have known.. At least it is now confirmed, and there is no more wondering.

Sad but it was always going to happen.

It may be the wrong time and I know us zealots hate any type of spam but following on from some of my recent emails about Zeal not showing us the love; I am trying to do it better.. I am starting up a editors directory which will be done better… (thats the plan) feel free to pay me a visit or come and join at http://www.sahfor.com/ - by nesters

Sad comments:

Zeal appears to have a robots exclusion file on it to stop any robots crawling the categories, so the content of Zeal is not even archived on archive.org

If there are any categories that are of particular importance to you, get them saved now, somewhere, anywhere, but before March 28th.

To see all that data and hard work lost…words fail me. - by raznuk

- Second alternative is to become an ODP Editor and join the Open Directory project: http://dmoz.org

- Third alternative is what basically LS_LS say in his message: We think that avid Zeal users will appreciate the large, interesting and vital community at Furl.net (www.furl.net).

Tomorow Zeal Web Directory is past.~

Zeal Web Directory
Zeal Web Directory 2

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