Isamu, Nodangers & IWD Update To PHPLD V3.0.6

Hiya people,

its sunday and i’m working on the updates of those directories, well since the internet connection in Vietnam is extremly slow (1 hour to check 30 links, 15 minutes to receive my mail, 15 seconds to load a page on the web), it might take a while before all my directories are up to the v3.0.6. Why do i waste my time in updating them? The answer is easy, the new version of phpld have the ability to remove, accept or inactive the links received and awaiting submissions in MASS, means that instead of deleting or approving the links one by one, i will be able to do that in mass, i’ll open the links check page with 100 links then i’ll delete all the spam and i’ll take time reviewing the good links.

Irkawebdirectory is subject to spam from india, eastern europe and america, it makes me so angry to check 50 links and not approving anyone of them.

With that new phpld mod, I will not waste my time anymore (while i am waiting for a greater internet connection, it might be forever with the vietnamese).

I’ll also start to build another directory soon at the following address, that directory will be the same as, it will have some free link submissions period but at the root its a paid directory. Obviously this one too will be in 3.0.6. I did not start the design for that directory yet, but i’ve time, its just the beginning of september, i’ve till october to finish all my current projects (the deadline) then i might create some more directories who knows (me ;D).
I was thinking of creating a phpld templates sites and let you guys have some of my design work for free for your own directories, this project will come after redisdead. I don’t know much on how i’ll do it but i might use wordpress for that, wordpress is huge! I love it!

In conclusion, avoid connecting like hell if you notice one of the directories isn’t working.

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