Top 5 Seo Excuses SERPS Destroyed

Top 5 Seo Excuses

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As you can see, the webmaster of the listed sites put them up on google for the keyword ‘top 5 seo excuses’ as you can read on seroundtable and also at the dp thread top 5 seo excuses.

Of course the webmaster that realized that stunt is good even very good, he had to put each sub domains on different IPs and put a strategy on his link popularity building to avoid seeing the number 5th coming up in pole position for example (might be true) , it was a great order for the sites for each title’s meaning. Now that everybody knows about it, this is how the SERPS looks like for Top 5 seo excuses keyword:

Top 5 seo excuses nowadays

Sucks for the webmaster in question.

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