Google Cache Is Getting Weirdo


Me and my friend portprophecy were comparing our web directories indexed pages on google this morning, usual stuff, we used the site: command of google. And while i was navigating in his indexed pages, i found out some major errors from big G, it seems like google is not updating the cache of some of his websites:

PP SERPThis is how the SERP looks like.

There are 2 major problems here
. The first problem:

If you click on the last listing which is the PortProphecy FAQ page, you will arrive on his web directory, but if you click the cached button at the bottom of the FAQ listing, you’ll get all kind of informations about that page. Here we see that the page has been retreived by google bot on May 15 2006. But we are in September 2006? It is a very old cache! Also portprophecy told me that he deleted that page in late December 2005, it means that even the cache page is wrong about those informations.

And there is a proof of this:

At the bottom of the cached FAQ page, you can see 2 other web directories in sitewide (Qettle, Unadir), but in May, portprophecy had more than 6 web directories in sitewide! So this is a very old cache. That would explain why google didn’t update his web directories pagerank.

Google uses cache informations retrieved by googlebot in order to calculate the pagerank of each site on internet (calculate pagerank needs lots of time and power, internet is constantly fluctuating so calculating pagerank on internet is like suicide), there is no live-pagerank bar, the pagerank we see in the google toolbar is the pagerank calculated in the previous PR update. But your website can be a PR0 site and rank for some high keywords on Google, because of the live pagerank–the one we cannot see and also because this is a young site, after 3 months maximum your site should get some pagerank logically.

So here the pagerank of is the one that was 9 months ago. Some of his sites didn’t had their pagerank updated for like 3 updates! It’s a lot! And his websites are web directories, pagerank is very important when you are in the web directories business.
There is many websites that got the same kind of problem, Internet-Marketing-Blog (PR2 should be PR6), Alivedirectory (PR4 should be PR7) and others, really a lots of sites are suffering because of their cache way too old and unupdated.
Also should be a PR6 web directory and not a PR4.

The second problem is that, all of his indexed pages are supplemental results.
What are supplemental results?

From google webmaster FAQ:

Supplemental sites are part of Google’s auxiliary index. We’re able to place fewer restraints on sites that we crawl for this supplemental index than we do on sites that are crawled for our main index. For example, the number of parameters in a URL might exclude a site from being crawled for inclusion in our main index; however, it could still be crawled and added to our supplemental index.

The index in which a site is included is completely automated; there’s no way for you to select or change the index in which your site appears. Please be assured that the index in which a site is included does not affect its PageRank.

Lol, well the sites that have supplemental results are suffering ‘fewer restraints’, what the hell is that? Also that last sentence “supplemental results does not affect Pagerank” it might be true. Alivedirectory doesn’t have any supplemental results, but its homepage pagerank is still affected!

In the movie of Matt Cutts where he is talking about supplemental results, we can hear:
[…Historically the supplemental results have been a lot of extra datas, but have not been refreshed as fast as the main web results…]~Matt Cutts.

So is it because of the supplemental results that doesn’t have its cache often refreshed, so by consequences it will not have its real pagerank? Or is it something else?

For me it sounds like a vicious circle that once you get in, its impossible to get out.

In Conclusion
Google should really update its cache from time to time. For myself i’ve nothing to worry about but for some webmasters its not the same affair.
Also there is many conspiracy theory, that all sites that are 12 - 9 months old can’t have an y new pagerank, but there is no reasons why.

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