Irka Web Promotions Made It To The TOP10

TOP10 for some loosy keywords…

…though it was tough. I could have get more links and run a bigger promotion for IWP, but as its title says, this is a ‘website promotion guide’.
I don’t want to spam SERPS or try my best to rank for search terms such as ‘web promotion’ or even ‘website promotion’, as John Scott said from V7n in one of those threads, it was something like that:
” Being first for high searched terms is good, but be sure that your site provides what the visitors are actually looking for ”
That explains most of it, do not fight the tiger if you have a stick in your hands.

On my own… well, its not that easy to provide extrem research of google’s and yahoo’s algorithm, extra seo tutorials, black hats methods, white hat methods and more on my promotion site. I don’t want to modify it anymore, it’ll remain like it is for a while, i just can improve its backlinks results!
I’m more into the basis, the why of this and that, explained in an easy way, there are other sites out there that explains stuff about SEO deeper and deeper,

For 6 months i tried to rank for that loosy keyword “Website Promotion Guide”, for the seo professionals out there, this is not a big deal.
Now i understand more about SEO, how google’s work, and yahoo too. That site didn’t brought me money or HUGE traffic, but knowledge.

Make a search on [ Yahoo! ] - [ Google ] - [ MSN ] for “Website Promotion Guide”, and you’ll see what i’ve done with my main site.

Now i’ll try some bigger keywords,
Thanks to the power of anchor text, i really learnt that lesson :)

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