IWD & NoDangers Reached The 1000 Listings

First stage done, IWD got 1250 sites listed yesterday night, i’d like to thank the webmasters who submitted some very good content sites, they took time doing it and their trust about Irkawebdirectory is deeply appreciated :)

Let us reach the 10,000 for January 2007 and you’ll get another DMOZ Directory where most of the serious webmasters out there are sure to get in,

Irka web directory has more than 2500 categories, a good ratio is to have 5 sites listed per categories, so do some math, and you’ll see that we are far away from the perfect directory! But step by step we’re making our way. Also IWD will be free and forever free.

Nodangers reached the 1000 listings for his 700 categories! We decided to switch it to free during whole september, right now there are 250 sites we have to review for inclusion, we think by the end of september we’ll reach then 1300-1400 listings for that directory,

Cheers y’all :p

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