Example of Assholes Submitting on A Directory

The title is a bit rude,

For those that doesn’t own a web directory, there are stuffs i’ve to tell you about, just to make you understand in what mess most of the directories owners on the web are.

We have a guideline for each of our web directories, PEOPLE are blind and do not read it. Results? Crap submissions, most of them are deleted.
Most of them? Holy hell yeah, 80% of them.

Common Problems Encountered When Reviewing Websites:

1/ SPAM, IWD is subject to spam more than the others, and i dont know why.

morons spamming

This screenshot is an example of spam, obviously those sites doesnt have the purpose to entertain, inform, teach visitors, but to get money. Most of the domain names like www.super-duper-penis-enlargment-pills.co.uk are removed without needing checking its content, its obvious the site is a total crap.

2/ Guys submitting to the TOP, some people, by mistake or voluntarily submit to the top of the web directory, which means they do not even choose one category to submit their websites to. Its annoying because sometimes the websites submitted to the TOP are good content site and its finally our job to list and find the proper category for it, it wastes our time!

Top Submissions

3/ No sex websites and site that promotes hatred and violence, None seems to care about it and keep submit that kind of websites instantly removed as well as the others. They loose their time submitting even if they use a software to do that.

Example of sex sites;):
Sex Sites Submissions

4/ Damn Titles, the site submission is ok, the description too, but the title is all messed up, it happens many times like:

Very Bad Title;):
Bad Title Submission

5/ Wackos Dreaming, Some guys try to sneak in and submit their websites putting their Forum’s nickname in the name field during their submissions, if the site is crap, then i know who is the spammer on the forum, good thing for me, bad for the guy! But why did he submitted it anyway? Is there a hope that i would recognize him and accept it just because its him?

Look at that its awesome:
Bad Title Submission

And more and more, if i find some funny ones, i’ll keep posting them here :D
We’ve to fight against spam!

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