Webmasters Not Caring Anymore About Quality Directories Submissions

Even if the sites they submitted are their sites, they seem to do not give a hell about their submissions. Most of the submissions received are reviewed, and for most of them we have to correct the category the websites was submitted to, its title, its description, check if there are no DOUBLE submissions, and so on so forth.
This is very annoying, and i will change my policy regarding web submitters, this week-end i’m going to create a new guideline, and i’ll try to populate it as much as possible on the web because this is enough.

Whats the point?
We all need backlinks and its a fact, when people go having dinner to a restaurant, they don’t spit right in the waiter’s face nor throw up in the soup pot, they are polite and ask nicely what there is on the menu and they even often order a bottle of wine!
So why on the internet webmasters are (like we’ve all been at school), pissing 2 cms near the toilet? My toilet must stay clean, i don’t know about yours.

We Know
We know that submitting to a directory is long, especially if you have dozens or a hundreds of websites to submit (i’m not sure they get all accepted if you got that amount.), we all loose our time submitting, this is the propaganda.
To help you (submitter dude), some webmasters created those automated submissions softwares, and others offer directories submissions services who i do not blame, some of them takes time into submitting each websites to the proper category (Inetseo), others claims they will MANUALLY submit the website you want to submit, and they’ll use a directory submissions softwares!
I say NO. STOP using submissions softwares, first of all, the submissions software doesn’t THINK, how many categories there is in a directory? 300 > 2500, in the kind of directories that got 2500 categories, there is a high probability that the category you’re looking for is a sub cat, the submissions softwares will choose a parent category and not a sub cat, which means we again have to review the submission! Loosing our time again.

We know also that now web directories business is over saturated, there are way too much directories on the internet, and this is not a QUEST that you have to submit to all of them, oh guy, wake up! Submit only to the quality directories, not the crap directories made by the “Quick Buck Crew”. For instance, our web directories are quality directories, we’re editors that cares about quality content and we’re extremly careful for the selections of websites so you got to submit to directories like those:

Alive Directory
Port Prophecy
Aviva Directory
WOW Directory
V7n Directory
No Dangers
The Squat
Red Pines
Webmasters Cavern - Webmaster Niche

Most Of them are PAID web directories, but those are the best! For the best there is a cost, and thats how we do it. For the free web directories, here are the best:

Irka Web Directory
World Site Index

And a lot and lot more. There are just so many free web directories list out there, you probably know which one is trustable more than the other.

Directories Owners Shout Out
Now the submitters find a way to loose time submitting manually, using softwares, its us directories owners that pay the price. Personally, i hate reviewing free links, especially when the submitters say on the forums “Please Accept :) ”, or send me PM “I’ve submitted my crap can you accept it?”, or even on Y!Messenger! It’s amazing! They’re dreaming! I don’t even want to talk about the quality of the sites submitted by those guys…

A new directory guideline will be set regarding the definition of SEO Friendly Directory set by Dan from Vilesilencer and regarding also the needs of a web directory owner, how can submitters and directories owners can co-exist with each other relates to science fiction but i feel its possible to find a way out of it.

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