Directories Pagerank Inequity Issues

For most of us, it can be very stressful to see the new PR of our sites, especially since PR Update happens when we think the less of it, anyway we can’t change our pagerank but we can get backlinks.

[ PR Datacenters Check Tool - Use it if you want to understand what i mean below ]

The Directories that Lost PR:
- Was PR7 and now is a PR6

- was PR8 and now is PR6! Thats some huge drop, i bought lots of links there, and their UTN Directory was PR6 and is PR5!!
The reason why they lost PR is that may be because they were on the Supporter PR9 W3 Page. You’ve to pay 1000$/year to become a supporter and you must have a legit business in order to do it, then your link will appear on that PR9 page. Google punished those sites lol.

- is PR3 and was PR4. Seems like even if his template brought him 23,900 links [ Submit Express ]. So google is punishing those sites having tons of sitewides… Sitewides might be dangerous in the near future.

- DMOZ and Yahoo! are PR8. Thats definitely a change in the directories world, those 2 big monsters lost a point! They had 9/10 for a long time.

- Skaffe was a PR6 and now is a PR5, so what the heck is going on their again? Its all changing now

- WOW Directory was PR5 and now is a PR6, good improvements.

- Categorized Web was PR5 and now is PR0, just like who was PR6 and now is PR0.

If you guys find some very different PR for directories please post them here,
Cheers! << We’re all fine. No problems so far lol

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