Sevenseek Directory the New Heaven

Hi directory owners and webmasters (aren’t they the same? Yeah well anyway),
So whats up? Do you know that you can add your sites to sevenseek directory for free? You must be a V7n member on the V7n Forum for more than 2 months and have over a 100 posts to be able to get your site listed for free.

Jeff the owner of Aviva Directory bought Sevenseek directory swiftly on a V7n thread and after that offered that special promotion! All the first 100 sites are listed for free without any fees! Thats gorgeous because 6 of our sites made it to that great web resource.

Jeff is definitely generous and more than kind, we know that sevenseek is in good hand, i don’t think John Scott is stressing about it… Actually its like i sell nodangers, i would feel sad. John Scott sold Sevenseek because he would like to focus more on the V7n Directory which is also a great resource, love the category structure there.

Whats so great about it?
Sevenseek is a PR6 directory with a very nice Alexa rating, it receives lots of traffic and is a valuable resource on the web, there are just a few directories on the web standing in front of the others and sevenseek is one of them.

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