TheSquat Directory Changes

Hello everyone,

I have decided today to make a paid directory, reasons why i do that are simple, i’ve simply no time to work on it right now. The submissions now costs 4.95$/unlimited and featured are set to 19.95$/unlimited as i think of it as a PR4.

Actually there are now 2 free directories on our network which is Irka Web Directory (PR4-Free) & our Webmaster Directory (PR4-Free). Submit your site freely there, they are here for that. Especially Irka Web Directory. I trully believe that directory will become a high resource in the future for webmasters, and it’ll always be free remember that.

All those that submitted sites for free to The Squat before today (23rd October) will be reviewed and added today, for the others they’ll just be deleted.

I’m also going to customize a little bit thesquat and add some mods today or tomorow, check it out when you have time!


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