Maintenance On Current Directories

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working on all my web directories recently, they are all validated by the World Wide Web Consortium and more stuffs.

At No Dangers

Well, i’ve added plenty of mods, such as statistic mod on the homepage, i added suggest category mod and rate listing mod, i’ve also got a superb mod that allows featured listings to have 3 more deep links instead of just 1 plain link. Those 3 deep links appear in the same category as the link is listed and not on the detail page. Big thank to PortProphecy for that mod!

At The Squat

Added keywords cloud mod, i also switched it into a paid directory, i don’t have time reviewing links for free. I added suggest category mod also. It is valited by W3 and its still radioactive! Do not touch it or you’ll have 8 fingers.

At Irka Webmaster Directory

May be one of the best directory we have for now and its still free, added lots of mods such as suggest a category, report a bad listing and statistic mod. I’ve also added 300 really good webmaster related content sites, may be you got listed there without even knowing it!

At Irka Web Directory

That big ass directory is the one i work the more on, i want to have 20,000 websites listed there, well i have a long way to go since only 1800 websites are listed. I’ve added more stuffs, and corrected some errors, also the layout looks slightly better. I changed .jpg pictures into .png and so on so forth. I also added the suggest category mod.

At Isamu

Nothing yet, don’t have time taking care of it also. Well you can still submit, it’ll get bigger and bigger with the future. Isamu is a great web directory,

More news, informations related to those directories will be coming,

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