eBay Spam Smart and Sneaky

I’ve received this spam:

Spammer using the same address as ebay, faking dispute content of a real ebay email. It almost got me.

This email is a fake, if you hit the ‘Respond Now’ button you will arrive to that page:
eBay Fake Spam - Let’s Kill Them ALL! (The link got a nofollows attribute, it’ll never be crawled by google)

It’s not coming from Ebay.com but from bardstown.com! But on the page it really looks like ebay!

In the url you can notice ‘/~test/‘, which means it is a test? A test to see how dumb people are or, how much he can get in a week doing that despicable technique?!

I almost believed his email and rushed to the ebay site to see whether this was true or not, i couldn’t believe it, but the url surprised me and lol i avoided the crash.

You receive this email from bhelp@eBay.com. I hope this article will help some of you guys not get your ebay account hacked.

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