DMOZ Is Dead? What is happening to the Open Directory Project

For the past 2 weeks, the ODP has experienced some major hardware issues, that we don’t know about. It seems that they are not doing anything about it. Is DMOZ dead?

Most of the editors at Resource Zone and DP forum pretends there is nothing wrong, that the problems comes from us (users) and not them (administrator/moderator/almighty gods and such).

- Here are one hell of a thread from resource zone
[ DMOZ is Dead… Long Live the Open Directory Movement -RS Thread ]

Here is a representation of what June Bugeye was thinking about when he said:
[… I’m sad to see DMOZ go the way of its dinosaur-like mascot, but, like the dinosaur, it has had its day, and it has died because of its inherent inability to adapt. …]

DMOZ dinosaurs gets pwned!

- To understand what’s going on (at least try!), i suggest you check some DP’s thread about it:
DMOZ is Down - DP thread
DMOZ bye bye - DP thread
DMOZ New Movement - DP thread

It’s close to christmas! So before big papa DMOZ die let’s all do like our friend barney the dinosaur:

Barney The gay dinosaur

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