All Websites Reviewed at IWD

Phew, finally i’ve made it, 3500 - 4000 links to review in 2 weeks at Irka Web Directory and do some work on the other side… Back in august i was in holiday and i got a lot of submissions during that period, that really s*cked (for me, not for you)!

So now if your website isn’t listed, it’s because you didn’t submitted it properly, follow the general directory guideline on internet (what people says, DMOZ submission guideline, yahoo guideline, my other directories guideline) to submit to IWD.

You should know how to do the thing by now, i find the submissions more poor as time goes by, i’m going to make new changes and be very strict cause i lost a huge amount of time approving sites that were submitted like it was crap (because they used some SEO directory submissions services). Well, i’m going to post about some of those shameless companies, i got some crusty screenshots, but now it’s too late ;)

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