The Spam, Fun, Weird Submissions of November!

Hello everyone, this is another spam session where i will share all the crap i’ve encountered so far while checking web links! This is usually very fun,

Spam of November PWNED!!

What kind of spam?!

So let’s clarify the thing a little bit.. What is a directory spam? Well this is the same spam as the one you receive in your mail box but instead of sending emails, here the spammer submit websites! There are a lot of kind of directory spams:

- The true spam: Description is full of links, title is full of keywords, category submitted is top level category.
- The sneaky spam: The site got PR1 - PR3 (sometimes above PR6~HOW? People actually do link to those craps?!) and is full of informations copied from other websites, obviously the category submitted is not the good one most of the time.
- Submission softwares spam: The site itself is not spam at all, but the submitter is a spammer. Means that i approve the site (taking time rewriting a decription, and find the proper category) then ban the submitter.
- Spam without knowing it!: Sites that doesn’t know they are spam, most of the time i receive emails from those people. They don’t follow guidelines, thinks their websites are worth gold, and send email pissed ‘why i didn’t had my link added to your directory?’. I don’t ban those people, but i ban those websites.

W00torz i Want to see those spammers!

1/ How Fun! Submitters actually knows what he is submitting?

Stockholm site submitted in Finland category. AMAZING!

Sotckholm is in sweden, not in Finland, i’m sure the submitter watched Die Hard. May be some of you will see the analogy between Die Hard and that submission ;)

2/ Oh! Penis Enlargments!

Penis spam!

No penis enlargment sites please! My directory ain’t an eSex Shop.

3/ Perfect example of spam PR6 website!

PR6 website submitting to top level category

So here the guy submitted his spammy website to the top category ‘HEALTH’. Also his title is spammy. So we can’t really rely on pagerank to add websites :) , i try my best to forget about PR while i check those links.

4/ Green Spam, who knew that?

Ecologist Spam

Well may be those ecologist thinks internet isn’t nature and loves to rotten it may be ;) . None of those websites got accepted, i don’t have to waste my time for that kind of crap.

5/ But where is the spam (remixed from, Where is Charly? But where is he!)

Where is the spam!

Not all of those websites are spam, but try to figure out what is spammy and what is not from that page ;) . Good luck!

6/ SO called MANUAL SUBMISSION SERVICE! doesn't submit manually!!!

Here the submitter submitted a directory to the internet category, though like all submitters should know… there is always a directory category somewhere :)

Muahahahahah! SO they call it manual submission?! I love those submission softwares more! But of course may be he used a manual submission directory software? Those guys got a lot of arguments when you talk with them, and will always believe you are wrong, and they are right ;) ! STOP using the services of!

Some informations about those submitters:

Info about

8/ Vegabond is spamming my Isamu directory!!

Vegabond Boooooooooo!

May be it’s really him! May be not! If not well you’ll have to explain for this! It’s nothing bad don’t worry, it amuses me! And some of the webmasters out there, it happened to me to submit to a paid directory when i was drunk or/and stone,


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