6 Sites Owns all Countries Related Keywords

I am adding websites to the category WORLD of IWD. And to find sites i mostly use the search engine ASK and Google. Most of the listings in the directory are from Google (51% +).

So i had to type all the countries on google, and i always found the exact same sites. This is really over saturated!

Those Famous Websites!
1/ Wikipedia is ahead of the list! You will always see a wikipedia article about any country you search on google.
2/ The CIA World Fact Book.
3/ Lonelyplanet.com - Travel guide. Full of tips about travelling, i do read those sites before i add them!
4/ InfoPlease.com - So this site is also one that i often see on google SERP.
5/ Geographia.com - Not so often but appears a lot of time for African related countries keywords.
6/ The Yahoo! Directory. Yep, it does appears sometimes. Way more than dead DMOZ!
7/ Also one that i start to see more than often is WikiTravel, those wiki stuffs are really taking over.

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