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Internet is Slow Here

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

There has been a big earthquake under Taiwanese sea, and it cut internet & phones cables. If you are interested you can read more about it: Yahoo Asia is Slowed Down

Internet has always been slow in Vietnam and now it’s even slower… Just for christmas you can’t imagine how glad i am. And they also say it’s recovering.

Being Hacked before Christmas!

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

I have my partner at who got hacked before Xmas, lol that’s really mean!

Team F34r did the job,
Here is their message:

Team F34R says Merry Christmas to all!!

Advantages of Owning an Authority Directory

Friday, December 29th, 2006

It is pretty clear that nowadays, google tends to give less weight to anchor text than it used to be. The bold factor to rank on google is to have an authority content web directory or web site.

How do we have an authority site?

How can a web site gets more weight even it has not that much backlinks? It’s about content and what kind of outbound links there are on your site. If you are likely to link to good organizations sites, government sites, informative sites etc etc… your site will have more weight. Theorically speaking, the more you give good outbound links on your site, the more you will be rewarded for that.

Linking to crap doesn’t help your site and your rankings on Google. Also you should be aware that webmasters who claims outbound links doesn’t help your google rankings are the kind of webmasters that list crap, so how can they know?

The truth about Directories

All directories except a few are crap, i explain. Why people on internet creates web directories?
- It’s one more site in my network
- It’s a good service for webmasters
- A good way to sell links and get a few bucks
- It helps the ranking of my other sites
- So on so forth…

They all forgot we build directories for 1 purpose only, having a good content to help users looking for what they are searching. Search engines do most of the job in that situation but Web Directories also helps them to find original content, the one you can’t see on Google or Yahoo.

No directory owners (just a few) takes time to manually add web sites to their directories, this is a waste of time i agree, but in the end if you have a directory that lists 30,000 good websites you look pretty and bold.

Adding sites also gives you more traffic to your directory, i’m totally sure most of the free-paid directories on internet doesn’t make it to 75 uniques a day. While IWD makes it to 500 a day nowadays with just 7000 sites listed.

What’s the real advantage of adding sites manually?

If you do so, your directory will be considered more important by search engines than when it listed crap. You suddenly appears on SERPs and get traffic.

Here is my little secret, when you do a web directory and add sites manually, you sometimes find some keywords niche. Directories are a way to rank for all kind of keywords (if it’s general directories of course). When you see traffic from some keywords, exploit it and create another website dedicated to it, get traffic and monetize.

Or try adwords and use overture like hell it’s another way to find good keywords.

If you are a directory owner, how long do you think your directory will last? If you think less than 2 years you already lost. Find a way to keep it alive forever and all the work you’ve pulled in will pay back.

Let’s Clarify one Thing Once and for All

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Some guys on Digital Point forum, blamed me for saying ‘India spams the whole world’. This person is a spammer, his name is Amit Patel. I have, like many of DP members, some problems with him, he tries to, desperatly make me look bad, amongst the DP community.

As a matter of fact, people would consider i am doing the same thing to him, but if there is one thing in the world i don’t have time to is to argue, complain and lie. But here the exception :D

I invite you to read the Indians Pissed Off thread on DP before we continue further.

So from that article on IWP Blog, may be my mistake was to say that Amit doesn’t know much. If amit knew the amount of visitors i get per day on that blog he wouldn’t worry, but he took it personally.

Amit got pissed about my article cause it says ‘Indian are spammers‘ (That’s literally what he thinks, well it’s comfortable right?), All frenchies stinks then!

I have indian dudes, they do also agree there is too much spam from india, like there is too much spam from Russia. I have nothing personnal against indians! India is becoming one of the biggest economic nation in the world, they have an incredible baby-creation rate and for sure they are the future just like China, Europe and the US (and all their allies).

Now the world is pink! We gotta stop spam from India cause it doesn’t help it to evolve, of course it makes money, some people never expected to get that much from internet but we gotta say stop.

I am a webmaster, i find good content easily with search engines (or others) like any other webmasters, now when i look at the Users and some SERPs full of spam, how do you expect those users to get the content they are looking for? It’s not for all SERPs of course but some of them… well they are heavily injured. Since gaygle algorithm is automatic, there is no control. Now when i say that understand i talk about Spam as a general thing and not Spam from India specifically.

Let’s go back about Amit!

If amit is loved that much then explain this:


Amit got angry a while back because of my Template Red Lava, you can read all the details on the Red Lava DP Thread.

So, you understand that, when i received a bad submissions from Amit Patel on my directories (Regarding that December News Article), even though i receive a lot from other people than him, i have to point it out, Amit is a Scammer.

DMOZ is Back… But for How long?

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

After 2 months of hardware troubles, whatever was wrong with their servers, DMOZ is back on track, a lot of editors agree that netscape used some old back up datas from 2001 (is that a joke?), well that wouldn’t surprise me anyway!

I wonder if DMOZ Meta duper supra editors have enough of it…

[ DP Thread DMOZ is Back ]

What is Duplicated Content from Google

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

There is an article on google blog about duplicated content which i recommend to read. I’m not a psychic nor an ultra intelligent person but i figured that out before they posted it, there are some missing informations though.

If you have been scammed by a webmaster that duplicated your content, you can file a DMCA request to prove you are the real owner of the content and not the scammer(s)!

Good luck,

By the way there are no info about directories, well i wouldn’t worry about directories. Web directories are obviously duplicated content, not all directories can’t have original and unique content, even IWD is a mix of DogPile, Google, Yahoo, Live Search, Yahoo Directory, DMOZ, and others… If i had to write a description each time I manually add a link, well i would not have 6500 sites listed by now!

December SEO News!

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

So what’s up? Everything is fine, did you buy all the christmas gifts for your family and friends? Was it expensive? In Vietnam we don’t have to celebrate Christmas and i agree with that! If i had kids i would think differently, yet, i’m too young.

What is going on with Gaygle!

- Right now we’re all waiting for the next PR update that i think will occur on the 22nd December (Don’t ask me why i think that!), everytime there is a PR update we see whose still in business and whose out! Not everybody is legitimate, There are lot’s of spammers getting their pagerank zeroed. It’s good it does a big clean up, we see more clearly!

- There is that SEO contest, going on, you can read it more on our template site.

- NASA also plan to send a colony on the moon so that we can go to Mars easily, Jeez sounds like starwars and it’s no SF!
I have a personal thought about it. When we stare at the moon we don’t imagine there is someone there watching the earth… Once there will be a human colony on the moon we will hardly believe there is no life int he universe. For all the space travellers and pioneers of the future i wish you guys a good luck! Find E.T. and do him an anal!

- Here is a site dedicated to spam from india, read its content and you’ll understand why we can’t stop them and it’s gonna become a big internet crisis. Will internet become indian or international or both?

There are different kind of spams from India & other places, such as email spam, directory spam, forums spam, comments spam, favorite spams, messenger spams, gaygle/yahoo/live search spam and SPAM. So far we don’t have radio spam and TV spam (er… is it?).

I see more directory spam (no sh*t), than forum spam whatever, that is still spam!

Main reason that spam exist is because of gaygle adsense (recently google bought it rocks!). It pushed webmasters/morons to create millions of useless pages on internet just to monetize 1$/day.

As i say if you have no skills (can’t create real content sites) then shoot yourself.
I waste my time deleting spam, not reviewing it (i’m on the next step of the evolution). And moreover! I have to freaking ban all those IPs address which are rotative (that changes all the time!), scammers comes back and we can’t stop them Argggg…..

Talking about spam? YAY!

Latest spam received on my directories! Let’s make public the bastards!
1. Guy doesn’t know what’s ‘email field’ and ‘title field’ means:

Read better next time

2. Pointless repeated submission:

3. Does they actually know what they are submitting?

Why they submit this swimming pool website to the category billiards? Is he nuts? Probably the submitter cmgindia is a real assh*le, this guy submit websites for what?! Nobody should use submission softwares or submission services if they are not accurate!

4. Amit Patel doesn’t know how to submit websites / web directories (he doesn’t seem to know much anyway):


5. Now that’s hilarious!


They think directories submissions are like comments spam or email spam… It is for directory owners directly, they don’t even want to be listed (which means that we got a nice community if they start doing it! Let’s make more directories w00t!).

6. Spam from india #1


No comments.

7. Spam from india #2


LOL! no comments.

In a world of link and money:

We can’t and we have to blame spammers, whether you’re from India, Russia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, USA, France, Europe, Africa (with those nigerian spammers), if you are a spammer you are a spammer. Also if your country is full of spammers it’s a fact and not because of me (here India), i don’t see future for India on internet if they don’t change infrastructures and rules/laws to regulate spams.

Internet is an international country, if internet have boundaries it’s not internet anymore, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Let’s hope it’ll be fine,

Screenshot of the day

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

With that screenshot i show what backlinks built with good anchor texts do its magic on search engines like Google (AKA Gaygleâ„¢)

Anchor Text Power

How could google knows that IWD stands for Irka Web Directory if it’s not in the anchor text of some of its backlinks? Huh! You tell me

BTW DogPile Rocks!