What is Duplicated Content from Google

There is an article on google blog about duplicated content which i recommend to read. I’m not a psychic nor an ultra intelligent person but i figured that out before they posted it, there are some missing informations though.

If you have been scammed by a webmaster that duplicated your content, you can file a DMCA request to prove you are the real owner of the content and not the scammer(s)!

Good luck,

By the way there are no info about directories, well i wouldn’t worry about directories. Web directories are obviously duplicated content, not all directories can’t have original and unique content, even IWD is a mix of DogPile, Google, Yahoo, Live Search, Yahoo Directory, DMOZ, and others… If i had to write a description each time I manually add a link, well i would not have 6500 sites listed by now!

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