PR Update 10/01/2007

Google is refreshing the Pagerank, it happened yesterday for the first time on a few DCs. It seems like many sites didn’t got their PR updated, but some sites that had a wrong PR update from September are updated.

It means that new sites older than 2 - 4 months might not be in the update, it all depends on google mistakes on the last PR update, actually i seen many sites/directories zeroed by the last PR update and now PR came back for those sites. It also seems that google used an old cache again, TheSquat and PHPLD Your Site aren’t in the update, they are still at 0.

How do i check the pagerank evolution of my site?

Some tools will help you out

- Live PageRank Tool : About the tool, the tool check PR on randoms data centers. Google uses more than 700 data centers, that tools check PR on about 40 of them only, so to see the evolution and on which DC it’s evolving you can check multiple times and have different results… It’s kinda f*cked up IMHO.

- Dig Pagerank : Best tool, right now the evolution of pagerank is appearing over those DCs: 216.239.5x, also the 72.x.x.x and 66.x.x.x are now updating pagerank as well, if you check other DCs it gives old PR values.

Check on both and you’ll see how it’s going on.

[ Pagerank Update Thread at Digital Point Forum ] Actually you will have to look at the Page 5 or 6 to see the real update happening, David Duval from phpLD thought there was an update going on and it wasn’t but with time the update happened so lol it’s a before and after PR update thread.

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