Spam From January 2007

And it doesn’t stop!
Now even with some phpld fix to stop spam, they keep coming back and submit their stuff wrongly… Even though the site looks good they submit it with a bad description or a title full of keywords T_T,

I’m not gonna be nice from now on. I don’t need submissions from others, it’s you who needs my listing! It doesn’t work the opposite way ok?

Now let’s see what i fished!
All the pictures are random though there are numbers (i have no favorism they are all gay in a sorta way).

1. Another Patel, We all know Amit Patel is gay.

Patel again, scammer spammer, who knows, it's a sect?

2. Some typos, nothing bad (why i took that screenshot?)


3. Ah! Drugs from India, does it sounds legit to you?


4. Orissa, got an orissa submission spam, where the orissa owner keep writing orissa for anything that’s orissa :)


5. Flowers to India


6. Wtf? Lol is that supposed to look like a submission?


7. Another spam wrongly submitted!


8. Same as the one previously!


Some guys that loves to spam my Yahoo Messenger with instant messaging that i don’t give a damn about!

- Here is the kind of pm i receive every 3 days from that guy and other people:


- and Here is the whole archive, you can see that i received a lot of messages! And those are just 1/3 of it:

Yahoo Messenger PM Spam


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