V7n Contextual Link Ads Criticized by Matt Cutts

Jeff of Avivadirectory and John Scott of V7n launched The Superiority of V7N Contextual Links:

v7n Contextual Links Ads Screenshot Page

[26/01/2007] The Undetectable thing has been deleted, i’m glad i took that screenshot, the reasons why are simply in order to not declare hostility with the major search engines.

You can have tons of informations about it at the V7n Forum and Aviva Downloadblog. Personally i think the idea is great but, it can be dangerous in terms of relevancy, and excessive linking to different sites on the same blog page would not be a so great idea. Furthermore it would manipulates SERPs like hell, well let’s see how it’ll evolve anyway!

So as you can see on the screenshot above, and on the V7n Contextual link page:
It says that the links are undetectable by search engines, which got on the nerves of Matt Cutts, you can read about it at the Search Engine Journal V7n Contextual Link post of Loren Baker’s blog.

Then irritated by the sentence ‘ undetectable by search engines ‘ as mentionned on the V7n Contextual Link page, Matt Cutts decided to create an ” Undetectable Spam ” Post to conclude that the technique employed by John Scott is ” probably violating the quality guidelines of Google and the guidelines of other major search engines.”, which is, probably true.

Well, also, what’s the point buying links if it’s undetectable by search engines?

[26/01/2007] V7n Counter Attack

You can read at the Internet-Marketing-Blog.com JS proving his honnesty with his program, i would feel bad that the head of the Google’s Webspam team is attacking me, my sites or whatever i got on the web.

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