I Reveal Secret(s) about SEO

Hello everyone, this is the first real post i do about search engine optimization (huh?!). When i say that i mean it, for the past year i’ve been learning SEO, i’ve been checking SO many sites on the web!! And now i know some stuff about it that will help you:

1. Do you want to know how to get a PR6 directory?

What i’m going to show you, you must not replicate it, it’s just in order to show you things about how to get backlinks and where google is effective and where it isn’t.

Let’s take example of Linkwith.us Directory that is Pr6. From what i know that directory homepage was zeroed by google 3 or 4 months ago (though it’s inner pages had high PR).

How did that directory owner get that much backlinks? (To the real directory owner, i’ve nothing against you at all, it’s just that you’re site is a good example). I invite you to use the SubmitExpress Link Popularity Tool and check LinkWith.us, just type the URL and run the check. Then check it’s MSN Backlinks. I use to check MSN backlinks cause they show what yahoo and google doesn’t show :D

What is the first site you see? It’s probably a blogspot site! Here is a small lists of blogspot sites that have a backlink to LinkWith.us:

- Babe-fun
- TheBeautyBrains
- Trygojinow
- TelChaination
- Lipstickpowdernpaint
- Myspacetrends
- Autopark
- Bukomir

Many of them are PR5 and PR4, this is a way to get backlinks. I am sure most of us can’t achieve that cause it takes a lot of time to work on it. Just imagine the time you need to create 1000 blogspot site and get them Pagerank.

Here’s my Advices: This is a technique like many others, you can create tons of blogs on blogspot whether they have original content or not, and get backlinks that way. Though it’s not going to work for the long run, if you are a member of the Quick Buck Crew this is perfect for you! If you are a webmaster that wants your sites to live forever forget about it. Well! At least! Don’t expect to keep your PR6 forever.

I have noticed Linkwith.us using legitimate techniques to get links, i believe that blogspot things is not the reason why he got his PR6! But that’s a good one!

2. How to get Free PR7 Links?

You probably think i’m nuts to give aways those techniques but i am not, i believe most of the people that reads this blog are not a lot so i allow myself to tell such ’secrets’ lol, i wouldn’t consider them secrets! It’s not a secret at all, it justs helps you to figure out some original ways how to get backlinks, some people are hugely creative and get a PR7 within 2 PR updates huh ;)

So you want free PR links right? Now let’s take example of Ask Directory. ASK is a new webmaster on Digital Point Forum, he created a directory like many of us, and like many of us he works on his directory to achieve the SUPREME PR6, the PageRank that the whole directory community will respect (we… all.. want a PR6! That’s why we do directories! PR6 PR6 PR6)

Actually ASK is PR4. So it means the technique i’m going to show you is USELESS, but it will gives you INSIGHTS. Carry on,

Same technique, check the MSN backlinks of ASK.
[ Not Expected ] Er… We can’t see nothing on his MSN backlinks, so i guess he stopped doing this technique, which is a wise choice:

Here’s the technique

Check the Winamp Member Forum Page. It is PR7? Yes it is, now you just have to register a username that starts with the letter ‘ A ‘ or a special character so you appear ahead of all the other members. Then in your profile, just fill down the ‘ homepage link ‘ with your best site, and it will appears on the PR7 page even if you are a member with 0 post.

I know i know it’s a tricky technique and it doesn’t works, what should this teach you: That there are so many ways to get links on internet, that we are not limited to directories nor simple links exchange. Many successful sites applied original link building scheme that you will never know about! Just keep thinking, find ways to get links, never think that you’re in a box and you’re limited. Just get links! If google says it’s unethical, we have no choice but to follow them, but if your technique work whether it is Black Hat or White Hat, it works! So w00t!

Good Luck Search Engine Optimizers!

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