Get your Hands on a Great Deal Now

You probably have heard of Portprophecy more than often at DP Forum. He owns a network of directories (13 of them) which are all PR5 and PR6. That is some serious business that’s going arround that guy,

Well he decided to sell 4 of his main directories which are:

- Unadir - PR6 - Alexa: 144k - Makes 500$/month if not more in revenue from link buying.
- Qettle - PR5 - Alexa: 218k
- HexDex - PR5 - Alexa: 318k
- Zeoma - PR5 - Alexa: 332k

Go to SitePoint and check out all the informations, this is a great deal, i’ve been knowing PP for a long time and those are quality directories put on sale, do not miss that opportunity!

BTW, by the time i am talking to you there are 14 days, 20 hours, 24 minutes remaining, before the deal is closed.


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