Youtube Takedown many Users

There are a few users on youtube that actually displays what i want to see. Whether it is about Jordan Maxwell, Alex Jones, David Icke and all the others big name.
There are good documentaries about religion, history of religion, theology, conspiracy, conspiracy theory, UFOlogy, on youtube and Google Video.

But Youtube tookdown 2 of the major users, that had that kind of documentaries, something like 50% of all the videos i liked to watch are GONE. And i understand there are copyrighting stuffs, but people have to know about some things no matter what, i want to show deep respects to those users who got their account ‘ banned ‘ and ‘ suspended ‘.

So i want to give you the solution, before your favorite users are banned, you can still save you favorite videos from youtube, google video, live video and more, with KeepVid! You will need a FLV player to play the videos though. So if you feel like your favorite users are keen on doing illegitimates stuff, save their videos, sooner or later they’ll be banned.

Youtube Account Suspended

And keep those videos!

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