Form Auto Filler (FAF) for Site Sift Directories

Set up FormAutoFiller to submit to 4 different types of directories scripts:

- Set up FAF for phpLD
- Set up FAF for indexscript
- Set up FAF for Esyndicat

Set up FAF for Site Sift:

1. The Title
Type - text
Name - title
Value - [Your website’s Name]

2. The URL
Type - text
Name - url
Value - [Your website’s URL]

3. The Description
Type - textarea
Name - description
Value - [Your website’s Description]

4. Your Email
Type - text
Name - email
Value - [Your Email]

Basically, site-sift and indexscript uses the same name for each fields, so you might only need to create just one auto form for both of those scripts instead of 2 different ones.

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