Set Up Form Auto Filler for Indexscript Directories

I explained how to use FAF for phpLD Directories in my last post submit 4 times faster to directories.

Here is how to use it for all directories that uses the script

1. The URL
Type - text
Name - url
Value - [Your website’s url]

2. The Title
Type - text
Name - title
Value - [Your website’s title]

3. The Description
Type - textarea
Name - description
Value - [Your website’s description]

4. Keywords of the Site
Type - text
Name - keywords
Value - [Your website’s keywords]

5. Your Email
Type - text
Name - email
Value - [Your email]

Different from phpLD for 2 things. 1st thing is you don’t have to add your name, second is you must give a range of relevant keywords for your site. So indeed i recommend you set it up perfectly for Indexscript directories. Many directories uses that script!


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