Hosting Issues

You ever had a problem with your web hosting? And when you had problems, you asked for support but it wasn’t there!

I am currently using the DailyRazor Hosting company. I had to change lately, cause those guys at Daily Razor doesn’t want to help you in nothing, ” you have a problem? Fine! We don’t! ”

Check out the Conversation with my hosting regarding the problem with

3 Things that a Hosting Support will always ask you!

1/ The last 4 numbers of your Credit Cards (wtf?)
2/ More details about the problem we are experiencing, now we have to explain what the problem is for them!
3/ And again, more details!

Why do we have to do all the job for them?

Those guys are lazy, that’s all, there is no other explanations to that. Most hosting doesn’t care about your problems since everything is automatic, but what DailyRazor doesn’t know, is that some of their hosting server are crap and most of the misc of phpld doesn’t work on their servers.
For instance Pagerank doesn’t work on and it still doesn’t work on my Webmaster Directory (there is no pagerank there cause the server doesn’t allow (calculate) it, i don’t even ask for help! I know what i will get!)

I never tried any other Hostings before DailyRazor, and many people are scared to change right? Cause we are afraid of re doing all the stuffs of our sites when we change host! But here is a good hosting > Host Gator, you can ask them to move from 1 hosting to another, and they will do that for you!

The Cancellation Department - A Huge Joke

They are lazy but they are also crook, i never had to cancel an account, and here is what i get when i try to:


What the heck? Cancellation Department, there is a Dpt. for that? I been waiting 2 days to be paid back. They must have a lot of accounts cancelled if they need a ‘Cancellation Department’ and wait that much time.

Never Ask for Explanations When You Know You Are Guilty

Look at the screenshot when i want to cancel my hosting account (above).
The guy Mejhabeen asks me what is the problem or where are they lacking at? Isn’t it just obvious? If you read the first conversation, you will understand what is the problem. Why does he asks me? That’s not professional at all, he knows that! And i don’t have to answer him anyway, if i was to cancel, i want to cancel that’s all, no questions.

I don’t know if you have problems with your hosting, you better figure it out soon, cause the day you have troubles they are not here to help you.

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