A hosting story that ends…

I ended my hosting engagement with a hosting company (dailyrazor.com) that i find totally incapable of supporting their customers regarding serious issues in a correct timeline.

First of all i was very upset with them:
- Accounts cancellation takes 3 weeks to be done, and it caused problems for my directory IWD, because i had to move it to another hosting, and with that new hosting i can’t set up databases before the DNS aren’t propagated, si i had IWD down for 2 days, cause the database is big and the internet in vietnam is slow.

- Don’t expect to have your money back if you don’t threat them with the Better Business Bureau ( The BBB takes care of your problems if you can’t do it ). Also don’t expect to have it in a short period of time.

- They change the passwords of your customers account when it is time to pay for a new yearly hosting with them. And you can’t login to pay. And your sites are down. Then when you contact them, they tell you that the hosting passed from 190$ yearly to 380$ with no apparent reasons to this. Well it is a long and useless story.

- Never register a domain with a Hosting company. Use a registrar like NameCheap or Godaddy but do not register domains with your hosting EVER. That’s the best advice i can give out of all that mess.

- It took 2 weeks to get the EPP code ( the code that allows you to do a domain transfer from a registrar to another registrar ). So if you have your site down during that period, this is sad.

- Transfer Cancelled. If your customer doesn’t check its emails often, don’t expect your hosting company to do it for you. Always change the administrative contacts on the domains to your administrative contacts and not the hosting contacts.

- No money back on Add-on domains. I lost 150$ out of that with them when i still was thinking there was hope to work with them. Even if you bought add-on domains you will not get refund in 30 days. And it’s ridiculous because with Host Gator i can have unlimited addon domains and don’t have to pay for anything like they asked me (SCAMMERS).

So that’s how it ends

End of Pain with DailyRazor

Understand why i am upset now? Oh and i forgot i had to move 15 sites from them to another host. Imagine the pain….

My Biggest Advice in the End:

Buy a Reseller hosting account (thanks to an0n!) if you plan on doing many sites, and pay yearly with a trusted hosting company, pay at least 400$ yearly and you have 15 IPs different on 3 different class-c and also you manage it all from just 1 account which is way easier when you got lots of sites.

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