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I just came back from France and i will open a blog soon about the stuffs that i saw there, will put a few pictures so that you know how it’s like to be in France.

I have no more free times to maintain my webmaster directory for free so i make it paid, i have a lot of jobs to do, one thing i know is that you can still submit free at and Irka Web Directory FOR NOW. I say for now because it is a lot of work as well.

Maintaining free directories is like you gotta scratch your bum all the time with both hands and you can’t do nothing else but that.

I also received tons of spam on that webmaster directory and let’s hope that switch will slow down hungry spammers.

I set the pricings of 10$ per links submitted, i invite you to crawl that webmaster directory to notice it has high quality contents compared to most of the other webmaster directories, i believe a link there gives more weight to the SEO of your web sites.


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