Directories Check Out

If you plan on opening a free web directory and add quality content to it, i say STOP. Directories are over in my opinion.

Why i say it is over? Well of course it is good to buy links out on web directories and it is also good to get a free link on any directories whether it is SEO friendly or not. But the major engines like google and yahoo seems to not emphasize the weight of directories links like it used to be.

Directories are like your personal bookmarking on the web, and if you add spam sites in it you’ll be banned from google and other major engines. I consider 80% of the web directories that were created in the past years useless. And 5% out of the 20% left are eating up the competition which makes it harder and harder to have good revenues within the directory industry.

Yet directories are a good way to pay back your hosting fees and get extra cash but it’s not the way to get money on the web. It took me a year to realize it and i want to share it.

I’d still buy a link on a directory, but naturally directories are dying with the arrival of Wikipedia, Google Video, Youtube and so on.

Good luck on building directories and remember it’s not the best way of monetizing on internet. There are more problems with directories than advantages in the year 2007.

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