It’s All About Links

You ever heard those people saying that “content is king”? Sure you did! Me too! I want to say those people doesn’t even have a clue of what they are saying: What is content?

Content can be the text and pictures of your site, but they also means the links of your website which is also part of your content. Links are king, let’s put it that way: ” LINKS ARE DA KING OF DA WEB “

Do you have links? Then how many? Do you know that google is making it harder and harder for Pagerank and SERPs? Forget about the usual methods to get links or it’ll take you forever to build a successful web site.

Now the real deal, the real way to make link is the natural way:
E.g.: We’ll take the example of Di.FM, that web site offers free radio for funky people on internet, and i love it. Because i love it, i create a link on my blog to share my passion for that web site, then Di.FM gains 1 link that way, and probably much more than that.

That’s how most of the famous newspapers such as BBC, New York Times, the Guardian and etc… are known on google for terms like “newspaper“, they get those big rankings because of people like me or you that blogs or write about them and uses the term “newspaper” each time you make a link to them.

Natural way of linking is the key, theres no others.

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