Links Generators Technique

I wanted to show one of the techniques on internet to get rankings, but that one is pretty cool and you’ll like its concept, i called it Links Generators.

Power of Links Generators

Tired of trying to get links for all your web sites one by one? I used to build links for each of my web sites by hand and that technique is long, very long and you’re not even sure to get a decent pagerank in the end.

So i introduce the Links Generators Concept to make your life easier!

Example of links generators:
Google, Seo Contests, Template sites, Web Counters. (You get the picture?)

- Links generators are sites that receives links automatically because of its content or services that it gives to the internet community. (Read the article It’s all about Links)

- Google is a link generator because of its search engine. Its search engine is used on many web sites such as AOL , of course google paid for that kind of advertisements, but many webmasters or bloggers just naturally build a link to google because they talk about it in their blog. So because of it’s natural way of linking, google is a link generator. Google’s engineers never had to build links by hand (sounds pretty obvious).

- is also a link generator, because it offers free templates it gets free links in exchange, i never had to build the links by hand.

Those are typical links generators. Then the trick is to make links on that link generator site. For instance if you make a links generator that reach PR6, then all sites you link to will have PR4 or higher (learn about Pagerank to know what i mean).

So you don’t have to build Pagerank for all your sites at all, but just make one site that will receive all the links you desire it receives in any ways (natural way is advised), then make links from that unique links generator site to your other sites. And your other sites will get Pagerank. SO if you have a PR7 or PR8 links generator kind of site, all your other sites will be PR5 or PR6 without having to build links. Ain’t that cool?

Problems using that technique:

If one day your Link Generator Site gets down and its pagerank is zeroed, all your other sites will be zeroed as well. But we ain’t spamming here so there should be no problems.

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