A Few words about Google

I mean how many search engines requires users to do their work for them? Google has always been claiming that their webmaster guideline is THE webmaster guideline, then how about MSN and Yahoo? Yahoo and MSN doesn’t give us orders like google does!

Let me explain something about Google!

If you do your homework and a bit of research. You will see that the CIA owns google’s search results. Google is constantly working for “relevant results” but to who? And they always claimed to have made “relevant ads” but to who again?

I use google everyday because of my job, i use it to see when they update or modify their algorithm. But i wish i never used it, first of all if you have a gmail account. They Read All Your Mail if you have a gmail account, and also when you type a search term on google they know it and they know it was you who typed it. They can tell a lot about you and you don’t even know about it. It’s EVIL but they claim to be “No Evil” lol.

Just a thought.

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