Paid Links Hunted Down by Matt Cuts

Read the article of Matt Cutts on the paid links:

Q: This is all well and fine, but I decide what to do on my site. I can do anything I want on it, including selling links.
A: You’re 100% right; you can do absolutely anything you want on your site. But in the same way, I believe Google has the right to do whatever we think is best (in our index, algorithms, or scoring) to return relevant results.

Basically it says that do not sell paid links on your website, and avoid doing weird linking such as: You own a site about shoe polish and you link to gambling or pills website, that is something google hates.

Also Google, wants to own you and your site, so i suggest that let them be. They do not have the whole power on the web. Let’s hope Yahoo is going to hang in there for a bit more.

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