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Friday, August 10th, 2007
ask search engine

To my humble opinion, the best search engine on internet is ASK, it displays very different search results than Google, Yahoo and Google is not often crawled and refreshed as ASK and is, my favourites search engines remains ASK and

I don’t see much future for google, if google keeps telling webmasters what to do instead of adapting google to what the webmasters naturally does, this is not freedom its slavery, it’s like we have to work for google without being paid. Google became the search engine number 1 because people are so ignorant about it, and they don’t know anything on how google makes its search results. Google say it’s natural and not man made, but i’ve a doubt for certain search terms… May be google does change its search result.

Anyway, all to say that: Boycott Google, let yahoo die and msn improve. So far it’s ASK that is slowly raising from the dark! Personal Search Engine

Friday, August 10th, 2007
spock search engine

New personal search engine, to search people, just like, Spock is the leader of personal research for now. Spock has more than 100 millions people registered, and is planning to become the most important search engine to look for people.

But Spock doesn’t stop to gather personal informations already available for anyone. Taken from your blog, your myspace, facebook or even wikipedia. It’s not confidential or organisations such as Electronic Frontier Foundation would have done something about it.

« The internet users can feel attacked when seeing the informations concerning them in that way, especially if they didn’t choose to do it themselves », said Derek Slater of the EFF, before precising that Spock and Wink « has the right to talk freely about the datas which are in public domains ».

Alex Chiu’s Eternal Life Website Spamming

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

May be you heard about this invention, the Alex Chiu’s eternal life blood purifier, he got a very pathetic web site with informations such as:

alex chiu purifier eternal life

The biggest enemy of mother nature is human. We humans reached the top of the food chain and kept multiplying until no end.

More humans means more pollution; More trees cut down for wood, more forest burned for living space, and more slaughtering of innocent animals.

Stopping humans from multiphying is the only feasible way of saving mother nature.

So he wants you to live longer so you pollute more and more and more…

And guess what? Now go on his website and press CTRL + U to see the source of the webpage, and i’ll need you to scroll down the HTML source, to see the keyword’s stuffing of Alex Chiu’s, i’m going to list the better of it:

You can see a more detailled informations on his spamming by reading the blog of Matt Cutts, staff at google.

His spamming!

alex chiu spam eternal life fake