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ask search engine

To my humble opinion, the best search engine on internet is ASK, it displays very different search results than Google, Yahoo and Google is not often crawled and refreshed as ASK and is, my favourites search engines remains ASK and

I don’t see much future for google, if google keeps telling webmasters what to do instead of adapting google to what the webmasters naturally does, this is not freedom its slavery, it’s like we have to work for google without being paid. Google became the search engine number 1 because people are so ignorant about it, and they don’t know anything on how google makes its search results. Google say it’s natural and not man made, but i’ve a doubt for certain search terms… May be google does change its search result.

Anyway, all to say that: Boycott Google, let yahoo die and msn improve. So far it’s ASK that is slowly raising from the dark!

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