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Screenshot Windows Media Player Easy

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Here is how to do screenshots using windows media player. You can use softwares that do screenshots for you like SnagIT, or do screenshots the old school method with the Print Screen button on your keyboard.


To take screenshots with windows media player do as follow:
Once your player is loaded, go to Tools > Options, Then click the performance tab, then click on Advanced, and uncheck “Use Overlays” and that’s it! You’re ready to take screenshots with the media player!


Our weblog is now running under wordpress

Friday, September 1st, 2006

We used to like blogger for its blogging system thats pretty easy to get with, but with time we found out blogger is not as professional as WordPress. With wordpress you can categorize your posts, manage the user’s comments easily, you don’t have to go through to write, post, upload pictures, manage your blog like And also wordpress is customizable, we are keen on design and we’ll give a special look out of this blog, which you cannot do when using blogger.

On Irka Seo Blog, we’ll write about the internet marketing world, web design techniques, website promotion in general, google, yahoo, msn, pagerank, adsense, adwords, ppc’s, famous SEOs, search engine algorithm, latest news, some random stuffs, some funny stuff etc etc…

We also aren’t native english speakers, our words might sound simple but in fact this is an advantage. With simple words we’ll explain what we think of the internet and our discoveries, there aren’t only english speakers on the web, most of us strive in learning english and we find out that its not as easy as it sounds. Most of the informations on the web aren’t accessible to all of us, especially to the asian people. This blog fits with all the none native english speakers and the natives one also.
We own some web directories and sites on the internet. We’ll not talk about our web directories here. We are developping an irka directories network blog separately from this one. When it is done we will give you the address and you’ll be able to give comments about the directories, ask about your listing, and read the current news and see the latests updates.

We hope that you’ll enjoy reading our blog, we will put much effort in keeping this blog professional without so many typos and errors! Hopefully the major search engines doesn’t inflict punishments to those who talks awry on the web ;)