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Directories Back in Business!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Hello everyone, its been a while since i wrote a post on that blog. But i just wanted to say that we were in holidays and that the directories,, and all the others directories connected to the Irka Network are back in business and will approve links within a few hours instead of a few days which is best for buyers! Enjoy!

the News for February

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

I’ve been maintaining Isamu directory, when i say maintaining i mean adding categories, adding good sites and other things, to give it more content. There are lot’s of categories empty with PR so i thought i’d exploit them. You also can have your site listed there but it’s not free!

Till the end of February TheSquat is free!


TheSquat is all free till the end of February and beginning of March! So get your site listed there! I’ll be picky on the sites that gets included though, don’t submit crap!

New Template(s) Available at PHPLD Your Site

Check out the Illuminati Template! It is for both version 3.0.6 and 3.1 + the version 2.1! You will love the design and we hope you’ll use it for one of your future or current directories project :D

Screenshot of the day

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

With that screenshot i show what backlinks built with good anchor texts do its magic on search engines like Google (AKA Gaygleâ„¢)

Anchor Text Power

How could google knows that IWD stands for Irka Web Directory if it’s not in the anchor text of some of its backlinks? Huh! You tell me

BTW DogPile Rocks!

All Websites Reviewed at IWD

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Phew, finally i’ve made it, 3500 - 4000 links to review in 2 weeks at Irka Web Directory and do some work on the other side… Back in august i was in holiday and i got a lot of submissions during that period, that really s*cked (for me, not for you)!

So now if your website isn’t listed, it’s because you didn’t submitted it properly, follow the general directory guideline on internet (what people says, DMOZ submission guideline, yahoo guideline, my other directories guideline) to submit to IWD.

You should know how to do the thing by now, i find the submissions more poor as time goes by, i’m going to make new changes and be very strict cause i lost a huge amount of time approving sites that were submitted like it was crap (because they used some SEO directory submissions services). Well, i’m going to post about some of those shameless companies, i got some crusty screenshots, but now it’s too late ;)

Maintenance On Current Directories

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working on all my web directories recently, they are all validated by the World Wide Web Consortium and more stuffs.

At No Dangers

Well, i’ve added plenty of mods, such as statistic mod on the homepage, i added suggest category mod and rate listing mod, i’ve also got a superb mod that allows featured listings to have 3 more deep links instead of just 1 plain link. Those 3 deep links appear in the same category as the link is listed and not on the detail page. Big thank to PortProphecy for that mod!

At The Squat

Added keywords cloud mod, i also switched it into a paid directory, i don’t have time reviewing links for free. I added suggest category mod also. It is valited by W3 and its still radioactive! Do not touch it or you’ll have 8 fingers.

At Irka Webmaster Directory

May be one of the best directory we have for now and its still free, added lots of mods such as suggest a category, report a bad listing and statistic mod. I’ve also added 300 really good webmaster related content sites, may be you got listed there without even knowing it!

At Irka Web Directory

That big ass directory is the one i work the more on, i want to have 20,000 websites listed there, well i have a long way to go since only 1800 websites are listed. I’ve added more stuffs, and corrected some errors, also the layout looks slightly better. I changed .jpg pictures into .png and so on so forth. I also added the suggest category mod.

At Isamu

Nothing yet, don’t have time taking care of it also. Well you can still submit, it’ll get bigger and bigger with the future. Isamu is a great web directory,

More news, informations related to those directories will be coming,

Back Then On IWP

Friday, October 13th, 2006

I just found the very first design of Irka Web Promotions on a cd, i thought you might like to take a look: Da Old Style.

Which one do you like? :)

Irka Web Promotions Made It To The TOP10

Monday, September 11th, 2006

TOP10 for some loosy keywords…

…though it was tough. I could have get more links and run a bigger promotion for IWP, but as its title says, this is a ‘website promotion guide’.
I don’t want to spam SERPS or try my best to rank for search terms such as ‘web promotion’ or even ‘website promotion’, as John Scott said from V7n in one of those threads, it was something like that:
” Being first for high searched terms is good, but be sure that your site provides what the visitors are actually looking for ”
That explains most of it, do not fight the tiger if you have a stick in your hands.

On my own… well, its not that easy to provide extrem research of google’s and yahoo’s algorithm, extra seo tutorials, black hats methods, white hat methods and more on my promotion site. I don’t want to modify it anymore, it’ll remain like it is for a while, i just can improve its backlinks results!
I’m more into the basis, the why of this and that, explained in an easy way, there are other sites out there that explains stuff about SEO deeper and deeper,

For 6 months i tried to rank for that loosy keyword “Website Promotion Guide”, for the seo professionals out there, this is not a big deal.
Now i understand more about SEO, how google’s work, and yahoo too. That site didn’t brought me money or HUGE traffic, but knowledge.

Make a search on [ Yahoo! ] - [ Google ] - [ MSN ] for “Website Promotion Guide”, and you’ll see what i’ve done with my main site.

Now i’ll try some bigger keywords,
Thanks to the power of anchor text, i really learnt that lesson :)

Having Fun With Wordpress

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006

I’ve to put back all the old articles into the wordpress blog, so bad there isn’t any tools that can automaticaly convert some blogger posts into wordpress posts.

Also i still don’t know how i will re-design that blog and how the sitemap works. I think i’ll work on that this afternoon,

On Irka Web Promotions i’ve deleted the free directories list and niche directories list. Instead i invite you people in reading and visiting the list of Vilesilencer, the directories listed are free and 100% SEO Friendly, it is maintained by Dan and uses the list informations for their free directories list too.

Also i changed the irka web promotions directory url. Before i used the word partners, and Matt Cutts warned webmasters to avoid such terms, in conclusion i got PR2 for my ‘partners’ page and it was PR5 in the past. So i want to see if MC is right,

Anyway enjoy reading the blog!

Introduction & Outlook Of The Irka Network

Friday, September 1st, 2006

I’ve started to learn web design 2 years ago, for me it was a first, i thought it would be impossible, for me all the web pages were the same (designly speaking), and it was just about learning the design theory (and not HTML - CSS & Action Script coding). In that period i realized the tons of work i’ll have to rush into, but i said let’s f*ck it and learn the whole thing.

I started learning Flash and its Action Script, i found Flash very attractive because its interactive and there is many kind of animations you can come up with. But the problem with flash is that its not SEO friendly at all and i had to learn HTML and CSS besides that. My flash training was for about 1 year, i even got a Flash certificate with a score of 10/10as a Flash Developper in the Lotus school of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).
With my young experience i was able to do flash projects such as Ikon-av, ABC & others websites that you can find in my portfolio on my web design services website.
I have a natural feeling with the colors, my designs are unique and comes from me only, i love colorful stuff, i love borders and love mangas, cartoons and also AI dudes. I also love to draw (without using a mouse and a keyboard), especially tribal art.

Also learning flash wasn’t enough at all, as i said previously i had to learn HTML and CSS, it was a tough beginning and the first websites i created in html+css was Irka Web Promotions, a website that guide beginners in the search engine world. In the meanwhile i changed its design once, so you can’t really see how it looked like before. I advise people to read its content, once you’re done reading it, you’ll understand more about website promotion and search engine optimization. It’s also interesting to know how the ‘web’ is sewed.

I wrote a website about web promotion because, selfishly, i only learn when i’m writing something (this is my method of learning). Well, the beginning of that site wasn’t bright at all, i was a newbie and didn’t know hell about SEO, i only got 150 uniques visitors per month on that site when it first launched, now i receive the same amount of visitors but per day.
My purpose was to rank on the major search engines with some tough keywords ( the kind of keywords where there is only SEO and no Amateur ), get a nice pagerank, and see if i could do something out of that site.

Now i can rank on google #12 for website promotion guide without having to put the major keywords in the title. Google trusts the content of that site, its not even listed in DMOZ and Yahoo Directory (You can learn all that at IWP).
I am planning to review all its content and make it a small guide, deleting all the crap informations i didn’t had time to correct in the past.

Then i created Irka Web Design, to sell my design and search engine optimization services. I had more clients with that site than all alone with myself in the real world hawking arround my design skills to get some customers.

I found internet an easy way to communicate with clients, i don’t have to move from my office to meet them, we exchange via internet and emails, they ask me what they want and i give it to them. Consulting is the exact same, we chat via Yahoo messenger or MSN with the clients, they get their answers they are happy, they just have to pay via paypal then and everything is alright. Clients is happy and i worked for something.
I met a good friend of mine on one of the most popular webmasters forum on the internet, he shown me the way to create web directories. Web directories helps classifying sites under different categories, in search engines algorithm, backlinks are a very important part to get some decent search engine rankings, in fact the more backlinks you have, the more higher your websites get in those placements, a web directory helps to get more backlinks for your site. So it is interesting to have a link from those directories, thats why im building some of them, to help the webmasters out there getting there conveted rankings for each keywords they target.
Those directories are on the left frame of this blog under ‘Submit Your Sites’, be my friend and submit yours!

I am planning to build more sites and web directories in the future, i invite you to come back and see the changes on this blog as often as you can,

We are all learning here, web design is constantly evolving, search engines are perfecting their algorithm to get more and more relevant search, people on the web and myself are on an internet wave that still not reach the beach so far, that blog is just a drop of water in this tsunami.

Old Irka Seo Blog Articles

Friday, September 1st, 2006

We didn’t deleted the other articles, though we find them primitive ( our first steps in the internet marketing world ), you might read them and see the way we evolved all the way long. The informations are located @