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Alex Chiu’s Eternal Life Website Spamming

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

May be you heard about this invention, the Alex Chiu’s eternal life blood purifier, he got a very pathetic web site with informations such as:

alex chiu purifier eternal life

The biggest enemy of mother nature is human. We humans reached the top of the food chain and kept multiplying until no end.

More humans means more pollution; More trees cut down for wood, more forest burned for living space, and more slaughtering of innocent animals.

Stopping humans from multiphying is the only feasible way of saving mother nature.

So he wants you to live longer so you pollute more and more and more…

And guess what? Now go on his website and press CTRL + U to see the source of the webpage, and i’ll need you to scroll down the HTML source, to see the keyword’s stuffing of Alex Chiu’s, i’m going to list the better of it:

You can see a more detailled informations on his spamming by reading the blog of Matt Cutts, staff at google.

His spamming!

alex chiu spam eternal life fake

The Example To Follow

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

Read it, that’s inspiring me, i wish i was the guy who smashed his head.

Spam From January 2007

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

And it doesn’t stop!
Now even with some phpld fix to stop spam, they keep coming back and submit their stuff wrongly… Even though the site looks good they submit it with a bad description or a title full of keywords T_T,

I’m not gonna be nice from now on. I don’t need submissions from others, it’s you who needs my listing! It doesn’t work the opposite way ok?

Now let’s see what i fished!
All the pictures are random though there are numbers (i have no favorism they are all gay in a sorta way).

1. Another Patel, We all know Amit Patel is gay.

Patel again, scammer spammer, who knows, it's a sect?

2. Some typos, nothing bad (why i took that screenshot?)


3. Ah! Drugs from India, does it sounds legit to you?


4. Orissa, got an orissa submission spam, where the orissa owner keep writing orissa for anything that’s orissa :)


5. Flowers to India


6. Wtf? Lol is that supposed to look like a submission?


7. Another spam wrongly submitted!


8. Same as the one previously!


Some guys that loves to spam my Yahoo Messenger with instant messaging that i don’t give a damn about!

- Here is the kind of pm i receive every 3 days from that guy and other people:


- and Here is the whole archive, you can see that i received a lot of messages! And those are just 1/3 of it:

Yahoo Messenger PM Spam


Let’s Clarify one Thing Once and for All

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Some guys on Digital Point forum, blamed me for saying ‘India spams the whole world’. This person is a spammer, his name is Amit Patel. I have, like many of DP members, some problems with him, he tries to, desperatly make me look bad, amongst the DP community.

As a matter of fact, people would consider i am doing the same thing to him, but if there is one thing in the world i don’t have time to is to argue, complain and lie. But here the exception :D

I invite you to read the Indians Pissed Off thread on DP before we continue further.

So from that article on IWP Blog, may be my mistake was to say that Amit doesn’t know much. If amit knew the amount of visitors i get per day on that blog he wouldn’t worry, but he took it personally.

Amit got pissed about my article cause it says ‘Indian are spammers‘ (That’s literally what he thinks, well it’s comfortable right?), All frenchies stinks then!

I have indian dudes, they do also agree there is too much spam from india, like there is too much spam from Russia. I have nothing personnal against indians! India is becoming one of the biggest economic nation in the world, they have an incredible baby-creation rate and for sure they are the future just like China, Europe and the US (and all their allies).

Now the world is pink! We gotta stop spam from India cause it doesn’t help it to evolve, of course it makes money, some people never expected to get that much from internet but we gotta say stop.

I am a webmaster, i find good content easily with search engines (or others) like any other webmasters, now when i look at the Users and some SERPs full of spam, how do you expect those users to get the content they are looking for? It’s not for all SERPs of course but some of them… well they are heavily injured. Since gaygle algorithm is automatic, there is no control. Now when i say that understand i talk about Spam as a general thing and not Spam from India specifically.

Let’s go back about Amit!

If amit is loved that much then explain this:


Amit got angry a while back because of my Template Red Lava, you can read all the details on the Red Lava DP Thread.

So, you understand that, when i received a bad submissions from Amit Patel on my directories (Regarding that December News Article), even though i receive a lot from other people than him, i have to point it out, Amit is a Scammer.

December SEO News!

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

So what’s up? Everything is fine, did you buy all the christmas gifts for your family and friends? Was it expensive? In Vietnam we don’t have to celebrate Christmas and i agree with that! If i had kids i would think differently, yet, i’m too young.

What is going on with Gaygle!

- Right now we’re all waiting for the next PR update that i think will occur on the 22nd December (Don’t ask me why i think that!), everytime there is a PR update we see whose still in business and whose out! Not everybody is legitimate, There are lot’s of spammers getting their pagerank zeroed. It’s good it does a big clean up, we see more clearly!

- There is that SEO contest, going on, you can read it more on our template site.

- NASA also plan to send a colony on the moon so that we can go to Mars easily, Jeez sounds like starwars and it’s no SF!
I have a personal thought about it. When we stare at the moon we don’t imagine there is someone there watching the earth… Once there will be a human colony on the moon we will hardly believe there is no life int he universe. For all the space travellers and pioneers of the future i wish you guys a good luck! Find E.T. and do him an anal!

- Here is a site dedicated to spam from india, read its content and you’ll understand why we can’t stop them and it’s gonna become a big internet crisis. Will internet become indian or international or both?

There are different kind of spams from India & other places, such as email spam, directory spam, forums spam, comments spam, favorite spams, messenger spams, gaygle/yahoo/live search spam and SPAM. So far we don’t have radio spam and TV spam (er… is it?).

I see more directory spam (no sh*t), than forum spam whatever, that is still spam!

Main reason that spam exist is because of gaygle adsense (recently google bought it rocks!). It pushed webmasters/morons to create millions of useless pages on internet just to monetize 1$/day.

As i say if you have no skills (can’t create real content sites) then shoot yourself.
I waste my time deleting spam, not reviewing it (i’m on the next step of the evolution). And moreover! I have to freaking ban all those IPs address which are rotative (that changes all the time!), scammers comes back and we can’t stop them Argggg…..

Talking about spam? YAY!

Latest spam received on my directories! Let’s make public the bastards!
1. Guy doesn’t know what’s ‘email field’ and ‘title field’ means:

Read better next time

2. Pointless repeated submission:

3. Does they actually know what they are submitting?

Why they submit this swimming pool website to the category billiards? Is he nuts? Probably the submitter cmgindia is a real assh*le, this guy submit websites for what?! Nobody should use submission softwares or submission services if they are not accurate!

4. Amit Patel doesn’t know how to submit websites / web directories (he doesn’t seem to know much anyway):


5. Now that’s hilarious!


They think directories submissions are like comments spam or email spam… It is for directory owners directly, they don’t even want to be listed (which means that we got a nice community if they start doing it! Let’s make more directories w00t!).

6. Spam from india #1


No comments.

7. Spam from india #2


LOL! no comments.

In a world of link and money:

We can’t and we have to blame spammers, whether you’re from India, Russia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, USA, France, Europe, Africa (with those nigerian spammers), if you are a spammer you are a spammer. Also if your country is full of spammers it’s a fact and not because of me (here India), i don’t see future for India on internet if they don’t change infrastructures and rules/laws to regulate spams.

Internet is an international country, if internet have boundaries it’s not internet anymore, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Let’s hope it’ll be fine,

Source of all Directories Spam

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Finally i got a submissions of the scammer, one of the original dudes that created automated submission softwares.


This is the same owner as VinaBet a Vietnam website! So that vietnamese dude created a software that allows to submit to thousand of directories like sh*t and also created the first Made For Adsense Directory.

That’s some amazing contribution!

Few Tips for Serious Directory Owners

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

OK so i put it clear. Nowadays everybody uses submission softwares or use submission companies that SUCKS. Don’t rely on submissions anymore to build your directories content! There is pratically no point in reviewing websites, the ratio of websites accepted in the directory on 100 is 5% and below.

My biggest advice to get a quality directory is to use all the search engines on the web, find some great websites and add them.

Another advice is to turn into a paid directory! YES i say that! At least paid directories doesn’t have to bother with spam, you will get time and do something else than just adding sites.

Once reachs the 20k listings (that obviously i’ll add manually), i’ll be more mean that now on submissions. Now if DMOZ receives the exact same submission i receive but bigger (of course it’s DMOZ anyway), i understand why nobody lists websites anymore!

Why wasting our time reviewing sites when nobody cares about your directory??

Hope this is clear.

The Spam, Fun, Weird Submissions of November!

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Hello everyone, this is another spam session where i will share all the crap i’ve encountered so far while checking web links! This is usually very fun,

Spam of November PWNED!!

What kind of spam?!

So let’s clarify the thing a little bit.. What is a directory spam? Well this is the same spam as the one you receive in your mail box but instead of sending emails, here the spammer submit websites! There are a lot of kind of directory spams:

- The true spam: Description is full of links, title is full of keywords, category submitted is top level category.
- The sneaky spam: The site got PR1 - PR3 (sometimes above PR6~HOW? People actually do link to those craps?!) and is full of informations copied from other websites, obviously the category submitted is not the good one most of the time.
- Submission softwares spam: The site itself is not spam at all, but the submitter is a spammer. Means that i approve the site (taking time rewriting a decription, and find the proper category) then ban the submitter.
- Spam without knowing it!: Sites that doesn’t know they are spam, most of the time i receive emails from those people. They don’t follow guidelines, thinks their websites are worth gold, and send email pissed ‘why i didn’t had my link added to your directory?’. I don’t ban those people, but i ban those websites.

W00torz i Want to see those spammers!

1/ How Fun! Submitters actually knows what he is submitting?

Stockholm site submitted in Finland category. AMAZING!

Sotckholm is in sweden, not in Finland, i’m sure the submitter watched Die Hard. May be some of you will see the analogy between Die Hard and that submission ;)

2/ Oh! Penis Enlargments!

Penis spam!

No penis enlargment sites please! My directory ain’t an eSex Shop.

3/ Perfect example of spam PR6 website!

PR6 website submitting to top level category

So here the guy submitted his spammy website to the top category ‘HEALTH’. Also his title is spammy. So we can’t really rely on pagerank to add websites :) , i try my best to forget about PR while i check those links.

4/ Green Spam, who knew that?

Ecologist Spam

Well may be those ecologist thinks internet isn’t nature and loves to rotten it may be ;) . None of those websites got accepted, i don’t have to waste my time for that kind of crap.

5/ But where is the spam (remixed from, Where is Charly? But where is he!)

Where is the spam!

Not all of those websites are spam, but try to figure out what is spammy and what is not from that page ;) . Good luck!

6/ SO called MANUAL SUBMISSION SERVICE! doesn't submit manually!!!

Here the submitter submitted a directory to the internet category, though like all submitters should know… there is always a directory category somewhere :)

Muahahahahah! SO they call it manual submission?! I love those submission softwares more! But of course may be he used a manual submission directory software? Those guys got a lot of arguments when you talk with them, and will always believe you are wrong, and they are right ;) ! STOP using the services of!

Some informations about those submitters:

Info about

8/ Vegabond is spamming my Isamu directory!!

Vegabond Boooooooooo!

May be it’s really him! May be not! If not well you’ll have to explain for this! It’s nothing bad don’t worry, it amuses me! And some of the webmasters out there, it happened to me to submit to a paid directory when i was drunk or/and stone,


eBay Spam Smart and Sneaky

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

I’ve received this spam:

Spammer using the same address as ebay, faking dispute content of a real ebay email. It almost got me.

This email is a fake, if you hit the ‘Respond Now’ button you will arrive to that page:
eBay Fake Spam - Let’s Kill Them ALL! (The link got a nofollows attribute, it’ll never be crawled by google)

It’s not coming from but from! But on the page it really looks like ebay!

In the url you can notice ‘/~test/‘, which means it is a test? A test to see how dumb people are or, how much he can get in a week doing that despicable technique?!

I almost believed his email and rushed to the ebay site to see whether this was true or not, i couldn’t believe it, but the url surprised me and lol i avoided the crash.

You receive this email from I hope this article will help some of you guys not get your ebay account hacked.

[ Reaction of Digital Point’s members about this email ]

France Sites, Yes, Another Spam Combo

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

I try at least to show just the best of the best spam i have encountered in the past few weeks.

Take a look at this screenshot:

So there are 19 websites of spam sites about learning french or visiting france. That’s one of the best Spam ‘quality’ Combo i ever had, first time i see some spams with good PR, who the hell are linking to those sites?

May be the owners of those sites is not as smart as it scams looks like, why did he submitted all his sites at the same time, T_T well i’m not going to give advices on how to bluff a directory owner though.

The owner in question:

Ban him!

And here’s what we do

Another Monster Kill