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Another Spam Combo Story

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

I’ve been reviewing all the websites at (1300 total, 800 rejected, 500 accepted). May be your site got included, may be not. If not that’s because you didn’t follow the guideline of your submission properly, it says: NO Submissions Softwares. It is so easy to know if you submitted manuallyor with a submission software! Tricking us doesn’t work that much anymore,

Oh! Oh! Oh!, Giant Green! (don’t try to understand)

The Description Rocks

Well i really love the description, it’s kinda very cute! This is not really an asshole, just a natural webmaster!


When you don’t know where the spam come from well you don’t pay so much attention to it, but when somebody spams you and at the same time gives you his nickname on the most popular webmaster forum on internet, lol it’s hilarious! Thanks for that penis website ;) , very instructive, next time read the guideline.


Lol here the guy is trying to bitch, well that asshole doesn’t really understand what its like to maintain properly a web directory :) , lol.


Now i’m going to review all the links at Irka Web Directory. Then i’m done reviewing for a while so take that opportunity to your advantages and submit your sites to IWD now!

2000 sites waiting to be reviewed, there might be some funny ones i will tell you about! lol