Are You Waiting To be Reviewed?

I’m so sorry,

I explain. There are 800 pending sites waiting to be reviewed at The Squat and 2500 at IWD. The reason why there are too many pending sites is that my internet connection s*cks (download at 50kb/sec when i’m lucky and i upload at 16kb/sec).

To upload all files to create a new php link directory, it takes 3 hours. To open a link on irkawebdirectory (knowing it gots 2500 categories) i need to wait 10 seconds because of the menu bar loading. To check my mail! It takes half an hour! And so on so forth,

I’m going to be brave and review all those links no matter what it takes! I still wait to have satellite internet as suggested anon from directory dump not so long ago. Then things will go a bit faster, usually i design at the same time i review links (but i only delete the crap sites in mass, it makes me win time if i have to review all the good ones).

[ Got all kind of strategies to review links and not wasting time ]

Normally it will takes 4 days to 1 week to review all of them and working 6 hours per day.
Personally i hate to review free links!

If you have your site listed that’d be cool if you can post your comments here :)

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