Let’s Clarify one Thing Once and for All

Some guys on Digital Point forum, blamed me for saying ‘India spams the whole world’. This person is a spammer, his name is Amit Patel. I have, like many of DP members, some problems with him, he tries to, desperatly make me look bad, amongst the DP community.

As a matter of fact, people would consider i am doing the same thing to him, but if there is one thing in the world i don’t have time to is to argue, complain and lie. But here the exception :D

I invite you to read the Indians Pissed Off thread on DP before we continue further.

So from that article on IWP Blog, may be my mistake was to say that Amit doesn’t know much. If amit knew the amount of visitors i get per day on that blog he wouldn’t worry, but he took it personally.

Amit got pissed about my article cause it says ‘Indian are spammers‘ (That’s literally what he thinks, well it’s comfortable right?), All frenchies stinks then!

I have indian dudes, they do also agree there is too much spam from india, like there is too much spam from Russia. I have nothing personnal against indians! India is becoming one of the biggest economic nation in the world, they have an incredible baby-creation rate and for sure they are the future just like China, Europe and the US (and all their allies).

Now the world is pink! We gotta stop spam from India cause it doesn’t help it to evolve, of course it makes money, some people never expected to get that much from internet but we gotta say stop.

I am a webmaster, i find good content easily with search engines (or others) like any other webmasters, now when i look at the Users and some SERPs full of spam, how do you expect those users to get the content they are looking for? It’s not for all SERPs of course but some of them… well they are heavily injured. Since gaygle algorithm is automatic, there is no control. Now when i say that understand i talk about Spam as a general thing and not Spam from India specifically.

Let’s go back about Amit!

If amit is loved that much then explain this:


Amit got angry a while back because of my Template Red Lava, you can read all the details on the Red Lava DP Thread.

So, you understand that, when i received a bad submissions from Amit Patel on my directories (Regarding that December News Article), even though i receive a lot from other people than him, i have to point it out, Amit is a Scammer.

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