Ever got that feeling?

Of doing nothing. I’ve been building my directories and designing sites for about a year, my condition is still the same, i get submissions and i get money. IWD is growing but not a lot of people can see it, when i don’t add sites i add categories so i can add more sites.

I never expected by january IWD would be that complex, and logic. It’s nothing compared to Yahoo or DMOZ. It is unique, but the more i work on it each day, the more i have a feeling of doing… nothing.

As Bernard Werber said, a sci-fi writter: In the society there are 3 types of behaviors, 1/3 of the community doesn’t work, an other 1/3 works but creates problem to the community, and the last 1/3 correct the problems of the other people and contributes in the expansion of the city.

I am completely unable to know in what third i am belonging…

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