Submit To Directories 4 Times Faster

Directory Psycho, are you one of them?

So what’s the deal here!

I was on DP forum and stumbled upon that thread: Submit to 100 Directories…
As i am interested in submitting faster to directories, i always looked for a kind of software, that fill down forms automatically for each site i want to submit when i’m on a directory.

I am used to submit manually and add all informations by hand, but i have created more than 20 sites, and now submitting them 1 by 1 is a pain in the ass if i may.

The solution is Form Auto Filler. Go to their download page and download the software, then install it.

Also you might be interested to take a glance at Rian’s site, he is the one that shown me where i could find this software, thank you dude!
Open the program then click New, give the form a name (name of your site) and set up the form fields:

1. The Title
Type - text
Name - TITLE
Value - [Your website’s Name]

2. The URL
Type - text
Name - URL
Value - [Your website’s URL]

3. Description
Type - textarea
Value - [Description of your website]

4. Owner Name
Type - text
Value - [Your name and surname]

5. Owner Email
Type - Text
Value - [Your email address]

A few notes:

- [updated 15/02/2007] Tool works only when using Internet Explorer, that’s the only problem that i found (I seriously hate microsoft’s products).

-That kind of fields set up works only for phpld (i guess) and probably not esyndicat, so as soon as i figure out what kind of fields esyndicat works with, i will post it.

- You will have to choose manually the category of each site you want to submit to if you use that software, so i highly recommend it’s usage when you plan on submitting to directories in mass.

- Everybody knows how auto submissions softwares gives me acnea. Actually Auto Form Filler ain’t a submissions software, you can use it for pratically just anything! Not only directories!

I’m gonna give some more tips bout that tool as soon as i will use it, i haven’t been submitting sites for so long! Probably a year. I never had any PR3 so i guess i’m pretty good at directories submissions ( if i was that good i’d have PR5 at any PR update… ) ;)

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