Googlebombs Being Minimized

I’m kind of late about the googlebomb subject. If you don’t know what googlebomb is, well it is a term you employ when someone tries to rank for a keywords with no traffic and meaning whatsoever, but just for political or personal reasons.

Late in 2005, for instance, a website containing informations about George Bush ranked for ‘miserable failure’, which is completely of political issues. That can create a lot of problems, google claims also there are actually 100 active googlebombs on the web right now.

You can read on the official google webmaster blog, that they can’t change things by hand, google works by algorithm and is automatic, sometimes they have to remove listings on a SERP (search engine results page) because of violent content, shocking content, or spam. But they don’t want to stop the googlebombs by hand (they can stop it).

So google came up with a new algorithm that should minimize the effects of googlebombs, it was back in January 2007.

I was planning to do a conspiracy site and googlebomb bush with some keywords, i guess it’s gonna be tough! :D

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