Pagerank Update 29/09/2006

Here it is again!
[ Famous PR Update DP Thread ]

So whats new in this update, its the same to get a PR5 or PR4, but seems hard to get PR6. Webmasters Cavern dropped from PR6 to PR5, that hurts.

All the directories in our network took their launch with a PR4 except for still PR0 due to the age of the site (way too young).

Some good news!

Websites like Port Prophecy (PR4 > PR5), Alive Directory (PR4 > PR7), Qettle (PR3 > PR5), Elegant Directory (PR4 > PR6), Internet Marketing Blog (PR2 > PR6) had problem with pagerank because they are all from the 2nd January PR update (long story), when big daddy took its first start.
Google fixed that problem, regarding that update everything is fine!

SEOChat Forum Up to PR7!

- Used Live Pagerank Tool

Some bad news

Link With Us is a PR0, and it was PR6 we got some links there, may be its because there are some unuasual links exchange with that sites, on the homepage there are a paypal suscriber, some sites listed as a sponsored listing aren’t related to the internet/webmaster/web directory subject, and google tends to punish that kind of linkage…

Will SitePoint Forum become a PR0? Weird!

Weird Stuff!
Unadir got PR3, PR4, PR5 on the DCs at google! Thats completely weird LOL!

Those results might not be definitive at all,
The pagerank is still fluctuating over the google’s servers and its just the beginning! So that’ll be interesting to see how it’ll end up, some of those directories deserved a good pagerank though, others got unlucky or i don’t know its fate or something.

Now we’ll have to wait the next PR update scheduled for Christmas!

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