TheSquat Web Directory Is On The Web

Hey Folks,

Here it comes! Yeah yeah yeah, another one! - Yep its a funny name!
So here are the stuffs: Thesquat is a free & paid web directory. Let me explain, there will be some periods when it’ll be free, and others when it’ll be paid. I expect to keep thesquat free until Xmas, it doesn’t mean at all you’ve 3 months to submit your website.
No, its a little bit like, nodangers is a free directory for now, then in october it’ll be a paid directory again, then some months later it’ll become free again, and so on so forth! Both and (our favorites) will alternate free and paid, when nodangers will be paid, thesquat will be free and reciprocally.

I am an “old” (i’m still) submitter to directory, i do spend a bit on my web directories promotion (have better plans but) but i believe in an internet free. I will try my best to keep at least 2 to 3 web directories free in my whole network every months, some will obviously alternate from free to paid.

There is another example of directory that we own: IWD - You will never see this directory as a paid one, let me tell you why, because this directory got more than 2500 categories, because of its layout, the philosophy we got when we built it, it’ll never be a paid for inclusion directory.
Its a free resource for the web and it’ll be like that until the irka network dies! Introduction!

This is our radioactive web directory ;) , the main colors are yellow, green then blue.
Yellow because of the nuclear sign (black and Yellow), also its a bit changing to have a yellow layout, some of you guys love yellow!
Green, because of the dead freak that eat burgers and gives some wet kisses in ghostbusters movie, that dude always seemed a bit radioactive (because of its green, and its texture > Looks like an english jelly cake).
And blue because blue is french and MY favorite color.

+ The name the squat, it was a funny idea. We made some little research of domain names such as:
- < Lol, i love the picture.
-, .org, .net < Why not?
-, .org < That was my first idea
- < Meaning is of the directory is perfect
- < For its meaning, it was good
- < The way to say it seemed pretty cool
- < LOL

There are no copyrights, you can suscribe those domain names if you want, we're done doing general web directories, now our focus are on niche directories :)

Also, there will be no sitewides sales on, just like Isamu and IWD.
The featured are set to $15/unlimited.
This ain’t a reciprocal directory < Hates reciprocals, makes my head hurt and consumes lots of precious hours of work.


Comrads, my friends, i invite you to submit your website on all the directories of our network and the newer amongst them.
Enjoy submitting, at least try!

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