Outstanding Directory Submissions

What you’re going to see is the funniest submissions of websites received on our directories during september!

Our Favorite

This person obviously doesn’t know that we build directories in order to keep the web clean from MFA crap, if that man gets a PR5 there is something wrong, who would even link to that kind of crap? Made for adsense directory, this is not the first one but we clearly know this is the one.
Everybody who owns a crap site can submit to his directory, go ahead!

The Submitter Was On Crack

Why did he had to submit his very addictive game site into Health > Addictions? LOL.

What is the real address?

I guess that the submitter liked nodangers :) lol.

What did he thought?

Oh yeah let me approve them all for you :) , the submitter was the same for all those sites. Beautiful spam combo.

The Best For The End

Here the submitter is me and i made a mistake during a submission, i didn’t notice that all of my websites was already listed there, so to beg pardon i submitted a fake submissions saying sorry to the owner and that he could remove the my duplicated submissions, but lol i let you find out what happened next by looking at this picture.


Well in fact he listed the duplicated submissions and even my message (i used the address Sorry.com lol)

Hope you enjoyed lol,

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